Uber’s Cameron Poetzscher

November 17, 2016
Long before he was tapped as Uber’s Head of Corporate Development, Cameron Poetzscher was highly regarded in the business and finance industries. He has an excellent reputation as a difference-maker, part of which he earned during a 17-year career with Goldman Sachs, where he served as a global investment professional. There, he supplied investment advice and guidance to many Fortune 50 companies.

Throughout his one career, Cameron Poetzscher has played a key role in many pre-IPO start-ups backed by some of the most prolific venture capital firms, as well as a number of high-profile mergers and acquisition transactions. He has largely been focused on the technology, media and telecommunications sectors, but he has worked with a number of iconic industry leaders and innovators in a number of economic sectors. For 17 years, he worked at Goldman Sachs, but even before that he earned an MBA with Distinction from Harvard Business School and then served on that school's distinguished Finance Faculty, where he did quite a bit of research and case-writing focused on hedge funds, derivatives and liability management. He is a problem solver with a creative mind who will help move Uber into the future.